Lehrstuhl Andrea Back

Projekt Mobile Uni-App

The project Mobile Uni-App is a Swiss fork of the Kurogo-Mobile-Web project. We adapt the existing project to fit the needs of Swiss higher education institutes and develop new modules based on the Kurogo framework. The latest progress of our project is available on GitHub. Mobile Uni-App is based on Kurogo, which is a PHP framework for delivering high quality, data driven customizable content to a wide range of mobile devices. Our project currently includes the following modules:

  • Transportation (time schedule)
  • Library access (based on EDS / EbscoHost and ALEPH)
  • People directory (HTML parser)
  • News/RSS feeds
  • Event Calendar (HTML parser and .Net webserivce access)
  • Emergency



This project has been carried out as part of the program “AAA/SWITCH – e-Infrastructure for e-Science” lead by SWITCH, the Swiss National Research and Education Network, and was supported by funds from the State Secretariat for Education and Research.

Project Management:


  • Daniel Fiechter (lead library module)
  • Florian Ickelsheimer (lead timetable module and most other modules)
  • Fabio Camichel (technology evaluation)

Project Mobile Uni-App is a fork of the Kurogo Framework:

  • Modo Labs, Inc.